Local knowledge for choosing accommodations

ComeOn Sport / ComeOn Tours provide your sport groups with the best locations for your accommodation because of our local knowledge and our experience

How to choose the best package for Sports Tours?

When sports groups travel to France, they want to be at the best place at the best moment and at the best price. Logical but not that easy when you don’t know the country. Whether you’re the athlete, the fan, the coach or part of the team, organizing a tour by yourself could be difficult and booking the good accommodations for your group could be even more. Where to stay? Is the place safe? How far is the sports grounds or the clubs? Also, searching hotels accommodation, get the best deals and try booking a group are time consuming and may not be eventually the best choice and you could regret it. With ComeOn Sport, we deliver the best playing tours at the best value for money.


When your team travels, you have your minds set on sport aspects and you are focused on the sport events and training. Regarding the accommodation, you’ll want to be well-rested, properly fed, and treated with warmth and respect. This is why we are able to help you and give you the best options to book accommodation for groups.


Because of our local knowledge and our experience, we always choose the best locations for your accommodation that fits your needs, your budget and your choices. We always provide you with different options of hotels accommodation or holiday parks or Sport Centers in the search area. Hotels we work with provide us with great rates so that you can get, thanks to our agency, the places price for your sport tour in France or sort event here. We always propose you our best advice and tips in order to build the perfect sport tour that fit all your requirements.


So for your next sport tour, book with ComeOn Sport!


  • Matt Cunningham says:

    I would like to say thank you for the tour to Paris. We had a very good time with the team and all went well thanks to your great organisation!

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