We organize your tour for your teams !

Why going on a post season tour every year? What benefits do the teams get?

Going on a sport tour is always special and give a great end of your sport season. A post season tour is alway something to do each season. It provides an exciting opportunity for players and coaches to get to know each other whilst helping to establish an identity to the club or the team.


A sport tour is also an unique occasion to spend time with your team mates outside your club and it brings to everyone a lot of memories. Tours and sport trips abroad often provide friendships that will last a lifetime and build a very strong, camaraderie amongst the team.

As a coach or a sport teacher, considering a tour is never easy and you may feel anxious before trying to organize it yourself. Motivating the parents and players, fundraising, must also however consider the aim of your tour carefully and when & where you want to go on tour ! The latter is not easy and this is why, since 2003, ComeOn Sport help you in doing this job!


 What do we offer to your club or school?

  • The best options for the accommodations
  • The best locations and rates
  • The best transport options
  • The arrangement of games that match your level
  • Extra leisure activities at the best rate
  • A local knowledge that is helpful to run the tour
  • A full assistance with your group

We can provide professional group travel planning and travel services. We can coordinate and help your team in preparing your trip.

We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality of sports travel packages that allow your team to enjoy special moments that will last a lifetime.


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